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Brisbane Airport Corporation - Roof restoration

The refurbishment of 50,000 m2 of roof Area is a huge task for IPCQ.

BAC - Domestic Terminal, Brisbane

  • IPCQ is currently completing the refurbishment and re coating of the 50,000m2 Domestic terminal Roof.  Our team has been busy replacing flashings,  reinstating penetrations and Applying a two coat protective coating system to the roof over the last 6 months. The BAC has placed a huge responsibility on IPCQ to ensure that the roof lasts for another 20 years without replacement.  IPCQ have designed a purpose built spray system which enables the coatings to be applied  without over-spray and with limited personnel.  The spray system is a mobile self contained unit with an inbuilt extraction system which provides production rates that 6 men could achieve.  IPCQ plan to be completed of this mammoth project in the coming months.

    IPCQ and BAC - Domestic Terminal Roof Restoration