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  • IPCQ have extensive experience in abrasive blasting surface preparation using a range of blast media including steel grit, sponge and Australian GMA Garnet.

  • IPCQ are equipped to conduct marine coating and are able to access projects over and under water. Our staff members are coxswain trained and hold MSIC cards. We have conducted a range of marine based services including working from a boat, barge or pontoon. Our qualified riggers and dogmen enable us to winch pontoons onto pipelines situated above the water in order to guarantee access regardless of tides.
    Due to our experience, we have encountered and overcome the many scheduling issues that surround working at sea.

  • IPCQ understand the need for minimal disruption during Commercial Painting projects. We respect our client’s requirements and obtain a professional appearance for the benefit of their image. If work during business hours is undesirable, IPCQ can tailor our operating hours to suit our Client’s.

  • Lead has been used for industrial paint primers for more than 100 years. Though usage declined in the early 1980’s, it is still present today on many structures due to its popularity prior to this time. It is likely to be present on structures built before 1970. In many cases, these structures may have lead-containing paint covered by more recently non –lead-containing applied paint.

    With certified ‘Responsible Persons for Industrial Lead Paint Management’ as part of our team, IPCQ has the expertise to safely & accurately test for the presence of lead-containing paint.

  • IPCQ has provided Line Marking and Demarcation services to a number of industries including petro-chemical, oil & gas and agriculture. We often work in high traffic areas and are dedicated to causing minimal disruption. When required, IPCQ work to flexible hours to avoid road closures or further interruption.

  • IPCQ provide Passive Fire Protection systems across a wide range of industries including petrochemical, oil and gas. The most effective method of Passive Fire Protection is intumescent coatings. These are light weight coatings that, once heated, expand to provide thorough protection to the surface below.

  • Specialising in in-situ protective coatings with shop application capabilities, IPCQ pride ourselves in our ability to offer a comprehensive and diverse range of asset protection solutions to our clients.

  • IPCQ have designed and have implemented an innovative containment system which enables large bulk storage tanks to be accessed by EWP but still provide environmentally friendly containment systems. This involves the installation of engineered framework and curtains being installed. IPCQ can also provide fixed and mobile scaffold systems along with stair access which can all be used in conjunction with containment systems. Our crew members are trained and experienced in working within high risk environments and maintain safety as a top priority. We ensure the scaffold we construct is of the highest quality and can provide myriad uses.

  • IPCQ specialise in Tank & Bund Lining services. With over 40 years experience, IPCQ have accumulated a vast knowledge of chemical resistant coatings and application methods. This experience ensures our staff are highly qualified and capable of working safely on every area of a tank including confined space entry.

    As respected service providers within the industry, IPCQ are at the forefront of product innovation. Paint manufacturers often request our application assistance when developing new products. By utilising these positive business relationships, we can provide our clients with the most effective coating system to line their Tanks & Bunds.

  • IPCQ assist with tank turn around programs throughout the country. We consistently meet schedule requirements and ensure we deliver on quality and safety. Due to our extensive experience within the tank turn around filed, IPCQ staff members are not only highly trained but also experienced working in high risk environments with volatile gasses and chemicals.
    Our tank cleaning services include a wide range of solutions. We tailor our processes to our Client’s needs and take into account the requirements of different stored products. With an extensive list of tank cleaning resources, we ensure a timely turn around of your assets.

  • IPCQ offer Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting services across the Mining, Construction, Petro-Chemical and Oil & Gas industries. Due to our extensive range of equipment, we are able to provide a wide range of services.

  • IPCQ have provided corrosion prevention and sealing to a wide range of projects including pipelines, underground surfaces, structural steel and marine protection. Our applicators have undergone specialised product training with the manufacturers to ensure high quality installation and long lasting results.